Introduction & offering of inventions for utilization
of a wall insulation system

Inventors who are at home in the tooling and production of the products are looking for a partner experienced in licensing and distribution

We have the following two inventions:

Adaptive dowel

It also provides a solution in terms of hole diameter and length deviation at the insulation of walls

Insulation miller & sinker

At the same time, he drills the hole for the dowel, adjusts its length, sink the insulation and collects the garbage

Wall insulation fastening method.  P23 00360 reg. Nr.

Methode of operation:
A through-screw wedge is inserted into the fixing dowel body, which ensures adaptive fixing in holes of variable/different diameters even up to 17 mm diameter and that the clamping dowel disc also corrects the length deviations and also indicates the correct fixing.
  • After wedging, the dowel disc moves on the dowel body by jumping over a threshold, thereby correcting the length deviations (max. 27 mm) and indicating the correct fixation
  • A special type of dowel disc has also been developed that does not require pre-sinking
  • *     *     *
  • The adaptive dowel excellent e.g. for soft walls, such as the adobe
We are looking for a professional partner:
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The inventors can solve through Invent:
Tooling, production, logistics

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ADAPTIVE DOWEL with self sinking head

How operates the ADAPTIVE DOWEL

Pictures about the ADAPTIVE DOWEL
Assembly drawing of the dowel
The self adaptive dowel back
The self adaptive dowel front
Figures about the oparation
The parts of the ADAPTIVE DOWEL
Self sinking head

Wall insulation miller, position sinker.  P23 00361 reg. Nr.

Wall insulation milling, countersinker unit that can be mounted on a drill bit.
It can be easily mounted on the drill bit with the standard screws of the two milling halves.

Saving working time
  • - dowel pre-drilling and the dowel head sinking pre drilling together
  • - it can be used to set the depth of the desired pre-drilling
  • - milling or countersinking of the edge of the dowel head
  • - it collects most of the milled insulation particles, reduced environmental impact during construction
  • Patent application number: P23 00361
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How operates the INSULATION MILLER

How operates the ARC SINKER with the dowel

Pictures about the MILLER
Wall insulation sinker
Wall insulation sinker assembly

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